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Some of the Features that Make

Our Stamped Concrete Stand Out

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Olmstead Contracting, LLC

Landings done in a brick stamp, with  individually hand stained bricks.

  • We will come to your location and custom design the shape, color and look that will best complement your home with class and style!


  • Something that is unique about our Concrete is that we install 4 to 6 inches of process under the concrete to insure that your job looks new for as long as possible.  This process base, when compacted, seals out the water, eliminating a lot of the movement from freezing and thawing.


  • Then we use 4 inches of 4000 psi concrete with steel reinforcement.


  • We have a wide variety of stamps that we use as well as special stamps that we custom designed and made ourselves (this is our most requested stamp).


  • We maintain a high level of professionalism on the job site by keeping the site clean, having identifiable uniforms, and avoiding vulgar language.

We custom design your concrete project to fit YOUR INDIVIDUAL TASTE AND NEEDS!

Stamping the Boarder

Stamping the Boarder





Stained & Sealed

Stained & Sealed


Our Three Guidelines to Superior Stamped Concrete


#1.  Every stamp must be pressed all the way to get the full detail of each stone.  There is a very small window where the stamping is ideal. If you miss this window, the concrete does not retain the full detail of the stamp.


#2.  The surface of the concrete must not have any free water.  This means that the concrete must be poured with out using too much water in order to get a nice sharp image. The concrete has the capability to replicate the fine details of the grain of each stone if these guidlines are followed.

#3.  It is very important to pick out the right color combinations. A minimum of two contrasting colors are required in order to have natural color variations. This is what makes one job stand out from another job. A natural stone or marble or piece of granite is not one solid color.

Our goal is to insure that you will be pleased with your project

for years to come!

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